THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, tell me why this chick NUVIA MAGDAHI thinks she’s going to be famous? First of all, this chick thinks she’s Kim Kardashian and second she looks like a damn drag queen! This chick is always in the club and out at events trying to make connections with different people but is just wasting her time because she has NO TALENT! If she thinks her looks are going to make her an A-list star, then she gots another thing coming. The only exposure I see her getting is being on Animal Planet when they do a show about Baboons! Tell me you wouldn’t hit this Nik..Or would you?? PS. The dude with the yellow hat looks like he has a di*k for a nose!
Nice lip line, you draw those on yourself?? (question marks are sarcastic cause I know you did).- nik