THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik This is Kelly. an inspiring actress obsessed with the dark, weird and different. When she meets anyone of remote fame, she talks about how they had some huge cosmic connection and how they were undressing her with their eyes. Shed talk about it for 3 months after the event happened. Shes overwhelmingly obsessed and proud of being a ginger. When she meets guys at a bar the 1st thing she does is tell them facts about how rare and special gingers are. She sits around all day and pouts about her hair if it gets sun bleached and turns more blonde and will nag in your ear all day about it. I wish that was a joke. She thinks shes an amazing singer, when in truth she sucks and everyone always talks about it behind her back. More so because they cant get a word in with her there. She also thinks shes amazing at makeup. This is her Elephaba look. She’s very proud of it. What dumb bitch cant cover herself in green eyeshadow. The cherry on top of it all, she gave away her V card of 25 years to a homeless man. No joke.Whose she supposed to be, the green giant?- nik