THE DIRTY ARMY: Club owner? Racist? Homophobe? Cocaine dealer? Jeff Gallant is on another rampage. After showing his true colors on national TV complete with black eye and stylish track suit, you would think he would learn to shut his fckin’ trap but he’s obviously too stupid to know when to quit. Loose lips sink ships as was evident when Gallant was pulled over in his Cadillac Escalade and arrested with 2 pounds of coc*ine and $14k. He has been charged with Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of Proceeds of Crime over $5000. Now it seems he’s putting that money to good use by opening another bar in the Oxygen Complex space that he calls the “Old Oxygen Complex”. And he’s at it again talking shit to whoever will listen. Check out the links below. [Read More here], [click here for the video]

I keep thinking that’s a tear drop on his face…thug life!- nik