THE DIRTY ARMY: For weeks the Bardstown City Police received complaints from many citizens about two women “panhandling” in Bardstown. Yesterday one of the women in the “wrecked, silver, SUV” was arrested in the parking lot near Dollar General. It appears that the younger woman was using her elderly mother as a pose to bum money and get sympathy. The cops had no sympathy for this menacing or her driving on suspended license, possess drug paraphernalia, and driving without insurance Her
vehicle was impounded & driver Patricia Elizabeth Brown 38 years old of 65[remove] was arrested. Below is the picture the Bardstown Police Dept posted on their facebook page. This girl was a cheerleader, beauty queen & college graduate who thought she was better than EVERYBODY! She has a criminal record going way back. She is a BOTTOM OF THE BARRELL CRCKHEAD who needs a WAKE UP CALL. She needs professional help. She needs to be locked up in rehab for 2 or more years she is so far gone. It looks and sounds harsh, but it is the TRUTH! She is a thief so beware if you see her coming.
Its less embarrassing and easier to get a real job.- nik