THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been visiting your site for many years and admire you for your honestly. Some of your comments are tough but everyone is entitled to their opinions. The Sarah Jones issue has disgusted me and I wanted to praise you for your stance and not letting anyone bully you into backing down. There is a reason minors cant make certain decisions because they are still growing and learning. It is immaterial the young man feels he has not been victimized. I feel these actions of her will arrest his development and he will have a f*cked up sense of what a mature relationship should be between 2 consenting ADULTS. Also, would like to say I think you are awesome on couples therapy. I feel your pain. Hope things are going well on the homefront. Thank you for your honesty and dont back down from that lawsuit. I hope you tear them a new asshole!!

I watched Dateline last Friday night. It was amazing to see how good a liar Sarah Jones is, like her Mom said, “Sarah is an amazing actress.”.- nik