THE DIRTY ARMY: So nikthis guy Ryan Vigh aka @ryanvighguy (twitter) will try to charm you by serenading you by song, telling you he learned this song just for you and he has been practicing, he tells this to all of his girlfriends, basically he is bullshitting you. He seems to be like a very genuine sweet person at first. He says he is religious and Jesus loving, which I am not to judge. He drinks and snorts pills and then the crazy will come out. He has a bunch of pictures of himself with tons of girls at parties and such, but that is all fake, he wont take the pictures down even of his ex girlfriends – all so he can look like he has friends. This guy thinks life is a popularity contest. Last seen living in Charlotte, Albemaro, Locust areas..

Got a lotta free time eh.- nik