THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik check it out. This two faced so called Marine wife hoe bag is Jessica Geboo. She LOVES her alcohol and to cheat. This bitch can’t even take care of her own kid and has to call on other people to do it for her. Would like to know why? So she can cheat while her husband is at work and on deployments. While this cunt was pregnant with her son she was drinking and smoking every day. She loves to lure in her Marine wives on base as “friends” then fck their husbands. She lets her husband’s friends live at her house so when hubby is not home she is screwing them. Sounds like a load of fun huh? Don’t get her way cause she will take all measures necessary to prove her innocence. But I know something she doesn’t know which is the fact that her so called current Best Friend just confirmed she has contracted drd. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And now how would this best friend know this. Well you see they were fcking too. So now she is not only going after the servicemen but she is interested in the servicewoman too. Let’s talk about the alcoholism for a minute. Her son is constantly pawned off on neighbors so this TWAT can “PARTY” and get wasted and welcome men home with legs wide open. I guess people show their appreciation for the Military in different ways. Let’s expose this before it’s too late.

Odds are that’s not a pregnancy belly.  At least we hope its not.- nik