THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, someone needed to come out and put this girl in her place. Her name is Taylor Hartman but she sometimes goes by her middle name “Cammie”. She still goes to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio although she tells everyone she has graduated but lying is what she should be known for. She also works at Target and is known as the Target Slore because she has tried to sleep her way into a promotion but hasnt happened yet. She has also slept around with pretty much all of the Miami U football team (mostly purple crayons) as well as a handful of other guys on campus, including two of my ex-boyfriends (she must enjoy sloppy seconds). But what she is really known for is the fact that she went around telling people she had cancer.. Now I personally dont know why anyone would lie about something as serious as this but she needs to be put on blast for her actions. People at Miami and in her hometown (Monroe, OH) have donated money to her but when I ran into her mom a week ago, she had no idea about what her “little angel” was telling everyone. She has been known as a wild child on the MU campus and can be found spending her hard earned money (that was donated for her fake cancer foundation) on all sorts of drugs. This b*tch is out of control and everyone needs to know the truth. Dont believe a word this liar says.

You can call the cops on people with fake Cancer (FYI).- nik