THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay, I am not really sure how to start, since I am new to this site. One of my interns showed it to me and needless, I haven’t gotten any work done.  There is a girl I used to know named Kayte Hall. When I started looking at all the bleached and botoxed bitches on this site, I laughed and said to myself, “Haha, Kayte would totally be on here if people cared about Michigan.” Lol. She is. You call her “Spartica”. I met Spartica at CMU. That is Central Michigan University. She is a daddy’s girl and her first set of fake tits was bought for her by her college professor (she learned early). She was bulimic mostly through college and definately abused drugs. One of her best friends was a stripper. The other two were also sl*tty whores. She was the girl that threw a beer bottle at you for looking at her and egged her man on to start fights. She was vapid and shallow. Cut to the future and she is alive and well thanks to FB. She has a new man piece that worships her…they always do even though she treats them like crap. All of her pictures look like they are taken by a professional photog who follows them around. She claims she is a paralegal. Her an the man piece just bought a house and she is a brunette now…I guess she thinks that makes her respectable. When we were in college she told people her goals were to be a Trophy Wife or Playboy Bunny…I guess neither panned out.

Is Spartica back in Michigan? I thought she moved to San Diego to “make it”.- nik