THE DIRTY ARMY: UPDATE! Nik, these two drug addicts have been on here many times as well as all over Calgary news for being busted for the largest credit card scam in Calgary history. Well on there latest bust they where also charged with drug possession with intent to sell and CHILD PORN! Yes you all read that right. Unfortunately Curtis Douglas Keller and Amanda Lee De Bakker are now PARENTS! There child Skyy was born on October 3rd. Now we all have to feel bad for any child the satin and his sloot girlfriend produce. Not only is Curtis currently incarcerated for 3 years. He is a pepsi snorting special k injecting now child porn loving sicko. His sloot girlfriend Amanda rather fall with on her back to any guy that will feed her habit. She was found in possession of child porn as well!!! Who knows if this child is even his! The city of Calgary should remove this child immediately. & for all you people who dont believe me read the article yourself . [click here for article]

Yup, someone defintely has their pants off.- nik