THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Damon Weber is a scumbag that is spreading drd all over Dallas. He is a 30k Millionaire, and uses this to trick unsuspecting girls into sleeping with him. He is the father of a little boy (about 6 mos. old) that he has abandoned, and has never paid child support on. He and his “girlfriend” (who thinks that he is faithful) run around Dallas acting like they are important and wealthy (neither of which they are) and this woman has been chasing him around for years. He is a liar, cheater, and downright scumbag. If you see him, or his girlfriend Adie for that matter, run the opposite way. drd alert!!!! They are bottom feeders that need to be exposed. Not to mention the fact that this woman is seriously disgusting. Fat, ugly, and looks like she is 50 (she is in her early 30’s). So gross.

You can’t be king n queen when you can’t afford to leave your house.- nik