THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your help! So a friend of mine has been married to the douche bag guy in the picture, Will Brunner. They’ve been married for the past six years, and have two sons together. The girl in the picture with him is not his wife, she is the woman he’s been in a relationship with since May of this year, Malinda McCormick. They are both in the Navy, and at work, he’s her boss. So my friend has accepted the fact that Will is with that pig-nosed fat sloot Malinda, but that wasn’t enough. She had to go and enroll her kid at the same school my friend is, or now was, a preschool teacher at. So my friend lost her job, the guy she’s been married to leaves her for some fat troll, and she doesn’t know what to do. Shes to scared to go to his command with all of this, and so I know something can get done if its put on the dirty. Nik, I need you to put these two on blast, they need to be made famous. Let Will and Malinda’s commanding chief see what shenanigans are really going on!

She knows how to blur but not crop…- nik