THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trainwreck is Ali Palm or as she refers to her self “AP” She was on a proud thick girl and no has found out what a gym is. She can not walk into a gym without letting everyone knows shes there. No kidding 4 times a day. Her life is facebook after myspace had a fallin out and she lost her million friends. She lives at home and is 24 years old and for the first time in her life has a job. She tries as hard as she can too be different. Her boyfriend hits her but she still runs back to the 30 year old who also lives at home. All of her Facebook status ( Updated at least every two hours) are about getting drunk, being on her period or how she is puking from the heavy night of drinking before. She likes to take pictures with older men because she thinks its the funniest thing on the world. If nobody likes her stuff with in a hour span she deletes whatever it was and will repost it again. She is a joke and has no idea everybody is laughing at her. She legit thinks shes hot sh*t its sad!!

Those piercings around her lips have gotta go.- nik