THE DIRTY ARMY: PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING! This douchebag posts on messageboards (usually in the casual encounters section) to get a quick piece of ass in between rounds of World of Warcraft. His email address usually starts with rheager, or reado but also goes by volleyboi, sabin, and other handles… he has about 15 or more active email accounts (one for every site he uses for casual sex). … he describes himself as 29, six three, 190 lbs, athletic, brn hair, blue eyes. totally masc and straight acting ex rugby player… Since when is sitting for days in front of a computer screen, smoking and drinking gallons of Pepsi considered a sport? Did I miss the memo? Anyone who considers hooking up with Aaron BE WARNED… He may be POSITIVE. Ask him to show you a clean bill of health before you hook up with him. He is a professional liar, a thief, and a flatterer, so don’t take his word for it; insist on seeing some paperwork. He hasn’t been able to produce any evidence to disprove this rumor. If I were considering hooking up with him I’d ask myself first, “Is it really worth the risk?”
Chat roulette is his excercise.  I decided.- nik