THE DIRTY ARMY: who? jasmyne! what? complete hoe! cheated on her (now husband, freakin stupid) with a number of other men. while her back then fiance was off doing training for being new in the military. they are now married with a kid not even knowing whose the real father. whats worst, when being called out on all of it she denied it then turned it and said it was another hoe who used to be her best friend. Why? because she wasn’t happy being with the one who is her now husband. PLUS fell in “love”with her ex-coworker. also whats funny is they seem to be so happy but i can just remember ALL of the shit that HE would say about HER. actually of what we ALL would say. i just hope that he finds out the truth if she hasnt told him yet. i’m done feeling like i have to help out with this kid if she’s not even related.

Allowing people to pawn their kid off their kid on you makes them worse.  Gotta make them kick the habit.- nik