THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is the laughing stock of the Kansas City’s night life.  He has a new prey by the name of Ashley Eubanks.  We feel sorry for this girl, for she has no clue how many lies she has been fed by this man.  She is not the smartest girl in town so it does make sense.  This man Michael is broke.  He owns a residential painting company and the other gas station that he tells people he owns, actually his parents own, not him.  He uses facebook as a dating website and has hit on every single girl there is. All my girl friends tell me about him doing this. Quite the creepo. everyone says he is oh so nice but he is creepy once he gets a hold of your phone number. He sleeps around unprotected with countless women.  He is 50 years old and still spends every weekend at power and light and every week day at some other bar. he is such a loser and has nothing to offer even a friend. Michael Mohajir is a bar rat always has drink in his hand.  Definitely an alcoholic. Put him on blast. Sick of seeing his sliver hair at the clubs with us 22 year olds.

So the dude is not her Dad in the first picture?- nik