THE DIRTY ARMY: Who: Nik, this is Andrea, sloore of Miami. What: She cheats on her man then posts pictures online (E.I picture of her laying on the bed/purple shirt)
When: This sloore cheats any chance she gets. Sex addict?? Where: This girl is from Miami, FL. Most chic’s from FL are hot, I have no idea what happened to Andrea. FUGLY!
Why: Im posting this because all men out there watch out. This chic is nasty, she might give it up for free, but is the possibility of drd’s worth it? What do you think of this girl? One picture she is hold up her fingers for all the world to know she banged 6 guys that day. The other picture, she just got tossed up, but it looks like she is holding in a gas (vaginal gas or otherwise). Nik- What do you think? Is this sloore hot or not?
If that’s her self grading system she’s way off.- nik