THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy is scum! I want all girls to watch out for him. One of my best friends made a stupid decision to fall in love with this guy. He was abusive in every way, controlled her life where she couldn’t even visit her family any more. He has no mercy for women or children, if he is pissed off he takes it out on anyone. Apparently now hes in gang. Selling drugs and prostituting girls. I’m happy now that my friend left this guy and moved on. But it doesn’t mean he will stop just means another girl like my friend will have to suffer. I’m so tired of hearing these domestic abuse stories, makes me sick. So this is why I want him on here to warn girls to stay away from him. My friend was not the only girls he abused there were a few more girls I knew that had the same story.

Only in Canada will you find ‘thugs’ who look like this.  I’m sure he still lives with his parents to.- nik