THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This ugly band sl*t had been with almost every band guy that plays in this city, she thinks she’s the hottest sh*t going but really she’s nothing but used up wh0r3. She goes by the name Frenchi’ and shes “dating” a drummer of a band who’s from S.D, who knows what disease she gave him, She also cheats on him while his bands on tour and literally has to beg everyone to keep their mouths shut because she doesnt want to hurt her so called “boyfriend” who she clams to be madly in love with even though she sleeps with his friends and other band guys he knows every time his out of town. Something needs to be done and I can’t stand back and watch her do this to him anymore.

She’s missing a lot of tats to appeal to a guy in a band.  Not sure if the round face helps either.- nik