THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik her real name is Kari Penner. she likes to make up ridiculous nicknames for herself often. Mz Carriie Baybe, Karii Omarosa-Bleached, Carriie Ou (as you see on the one photo lol)… She’s gross but anyway alittle about her she dates guys and cheats on them but says things about people who cheat? Makes sense right? yeah, no. She spends most of her money on shisha and she goes to different cities and fcks guys. She had to switch schools when she attended(she does not work now)due to her bad reputation. Shes gross… she has had a nose job and has a play boy tattoo (you can short of see in the one picture) She talks shit about every1 she has ever chilled with and she use to sleep around for money. She’s a nasty girl and often smells!! She’s very well known in this city and Toronto!!! She wears cover up on her lips that look crusty, pure filth!

I don’t think she pays for the trips.  Just saying.- nik