THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this bitch thinks she’s clever. She decided to marry one of our homeboys who was about to go overseas for the United States military….. They had only been together about 6 months and he was head over heels for her and her baby. I feel so bad because for some reason she thought she could get away with cheating with a guy who his friends already knew. From my understanding this bitch (for lack of a better word) has gotten pregnant multiple times by this guy all the while her husband is overseas busting his ass for her and the UNited States of America. She broke up with her “side piece” after finding out that this idiot finally found out she was married and attempted to contact her husband. Her husband deserves better. She’s not only a homie hopper but a conniving whore and has ruined so many friendships for a marriage she obviously doesn’t give two shits about in the first place. I really just want her to be outed so other men can steer clear and keep their noses clean of this bitch.

Sounds like a stand up dude.  The world would be a better place if everyone did that.- nik