THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Westley Woodyard is #52 in the Denver Broncos team. I met him months ago and he told me he wasn’t seeing anyone and that he was a single man. He completely made it seem like he was the most perfect, honest, and respectful man. Since then, we’ve had a casual relationship; he’s taken me out multiple times and is very generous with his money. He always takes me shopping! He LOVES his women in Christian Louboutin’s and Versace Dresses. Completely oblivious to his cheating ways, I fell for all the excuses. That is, UNTIL I FOUND OUT HE IS ENGAGED TO AN OLDER LADY!!!!! I’m here today because I cannot let him get away with this. He is living a double life and he isn’t all he projects himself to be. Although he seems like the perfect man, there is one HUGE problem! He suffers from Premature Ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation simply means he ejaculates within the first 5 minutes of Sex. If that isn’t bad enough he ALSO suffers from Refractory Period which simply means he can’t EVER get another erection after sex which sucks because sex with him only lasts 5 minutes EVERY time. This man needs to learn how to increase his sexual stamina; he is like a 60 year old man!!! Which most definitely explains why he’s engaged to an older lady. Ladies watch out, don’t believe his eyes! He is ENGAGED!

Peyton Manning you need to have a sit down with the boys and teach them about ED. If you want your guys to win the Superbowl they need to have good stamina.- nik