THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tranny Diamond Simpson, I mean is out of control! She, I mean, HE, is prancing around the city and has had a photo shoot with some loser so it now claims to be a supermodel, WTF. Look at it. Not going anywhere fast! It’s out of control, partying almost every night and bragging to anyone who will listen about how she has sugar daddies and it thinks it’s going to be a playmate one day….. NO. Think again Gordon, you’re a nasty little tranny that no one in their right mind would want to hook up with or get near. The only reason he has friends is because it’s family has money so it can pay for all their shopping sprees. He thinks he’s a big deal and a ‘local celebrity’ that everyone knows it’s name. Even worse, it prays on innocent guys with girlfriends and has broken up MULTIPLE relationships by having the guy go for her and she turns around and tells the GF! You need to put it in it’s place, this self-proclaimed “Princess of Canada”, “Socialite”, “Attention Whore”, and “Supermodel” needs a reality check ASAP so it knows it’s going nowhere fast! Look at the previous post of this tranny, since then he has been out of control and hosted house parties where hundreds of people show up to steal shit because everyone hates it. This ‘supermodel’ is notbhing but an ugly troll who harasses any guy who will give her attention!

Looks like she’s making moves in the right direction at least.  Still far from a model.- nik

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