THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Dane Taylor. He’s the biggest sloot I have ever met. Seriously, he’s disgusting. One time we were at a party and he got drunk and tried to rub his overly tanned penis on my face! So gross! Apparently he’s been giving everyone in Kansas City the drd! He’s still waiting on his drd results because he’s just so dirty. His blue weave is so cheap! You can probably find pieces of it around town at random strip clubs where he’s usually hanging out, trying to touch the stripper’s boobs. He’s too tan! He also does so much coc?**ne that his nose is the size of the grand canyon! And he keeps hydros in his nose so he can get fcked up at the club. Put this sloot on blast!

Touching boobs is his experimentation with girls.  So forgy.- nik