THE DIRTY ARMY: BOTTLE RAT! BOTTLE RAT! Nik This girl can be found downtown Athens flirting with any guy or bartender for free drinks. She’s a regular at The Bad Manor and Mad Hatter,I guess shes legal now because she’s no longer sleeping with the door guy. Everyone has seen this girl sloppy drunk falling down and making a ass of herself. She’s been seen whobbling her way to cars with random guys she met at the bar for a ride home. Who knows whos bed she actually ended up in. A few months ago she stopped coming around…everyone thought she either cleaned up her life or got pregnnat. Looks like taking the high road wasn’t her choice….. and neither was a condom or plan b. Who knows who the father is…it could be anyone in Athens! Expose this dirty bottle rat for what she is!

That can’t be good for the baby.- nik