THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so a few weeks after Sharkee posted all those Facebook post about him and Kina being in love, they eventually broke up as usual.  Now, Sharkee is a good friend of mine and the past few days Kina has been hitting him up a lot and I’m afraid my friend will go back into this relationship.  I swear to god, getting rid of Scooby Snack in your life is harder than quitting heroin… or it seems.  He took the last few posts to heart and said he would prove all of us doubters wrong and they would stay together.  but they didn’t.  I just hope he reads this and realizes he needs to end this or he will never find the one.  Because she is definitely not the one.

Sharkee needs to move out of Vegas and start a normal life with a normal girl or he will die a miserable man.- nik