THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was searching through my husbands phone because he’s been acting suspicious when I found these pictures saved in his picture safe. I also found an e-mail which was from her. So I googled it. Come to find out this tattooed skank is an escort in San Jose. I don’t know her real name and was wondering if the DA could help. I spent all morning trying to find out information on her and this is what I found. She goes by the escort name sissyanne. She has also done doubles/triples with Janine Leanne Judge/ExoticErika/ErikaFire, and Desiree (Rounds) Applegate. I want this bitch put on blast and a name so she and her porta pot friends can be exposed for the home-wrecker/whore they are!

You husband is cheating, just get over it.- nik