THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is Randi, she has been here there and everywhere. She plays the good girl act very well. She turns it on like a charm, so beware guys! Her boyfriend works out of town so you know the saying when the cats away the mice will play and this sloot does that!! She has some friends that know how to work a camera and photo shop so she is a model do t you know? She goes shopping like every other day but claims she is on her own without mommy or daddies help or the boyfriend (who makes really good money). She works at a feed store so she isn’t makin that much money. Your guess is just as good as mine! If you aren’t scared that she might call her big bad boyfriend on you, she is a very good time…the bed of her truck or yours is her favorite..

You can’t angle away your ass forever.  one say you’ll needa face the facts.- nik