THE DIRTY ARMY: Attention ladies: This is Sean M. Furr. He likes to call himself Mr. MFWIC. It stands for Mr. Mother Fcker Walking In Charge. He thinks he is some hot shit. Little does he know that everyone calls him fat behind his back or back rolls for that matter. He suffer from chronic whiskey dick, and his nipples are bigger than mine. He takes steroids and goes to the gym all the time, but he’s still fat. He works at a bar as a bouncer which is the best he is ever going to do in life. But he jeopardized that job by selling wrist bands to underage people. He failed out of Cape Fear Community College. Is it really possible to fail out of community college? He always has to poop because he’s full of shit. He punched his ex girlfriend in the face and gave her a black. He used to sell drugs, but he got popped because he was a really bad weed dealer. He is addicted to pain pills. He likes to crush them up and snort them with a dollar bill. He’s a real piece of work. I’ve never heard so many lies come out of one mouth. He’s a great catch. NOT

Forgy’s like the puffy look, its a gay thing.- nik