THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica and her cheating “boyfriend” Chris, this Girl Is Such an idiot she believes every lie he tells her, she’s not the brightest. He lies about where he’s going, what he’s doing, and who he’s with and gets his friends to lie too. I’ve watched him for the past year that they’ve been together lie to her because if she found out he was f*cking me shed kick him out and he has nowhere else to go so he uses her, tells her he’s moving back home when really he’s getting an apartment for me and him, she thinks she knows him better than anyone else, newsflash b*tch he’s with me weekly sense the day y’all started dating. Obviously your not satisfying “your man” enough if he’s coming to me. He tells me all about her issues and how she don’t trust him, and that he doesn’t have sex with her cause shell try and get him to stay there with her, he says she’s great at sucking greg but not what he wants in a woman. She’s so naive, I’m sorry Jessica as your friend I should’ve told you I’ve been sleeping with him since y’all been together but in honesty I could care a less if you know or not, I have “your man” right where i want him and honey you’ll never compare to me. Good luck B*tch. By the way he is the one that told me to do this to embarrass your dumb ass!

Its just sex, I’m sure Chris loves Jessica… just not in a sexual way.- nik