THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, no idea who you are, but I ‘m writing you because my kids convinced me over Thanksgiving to tell my story.  In 2008 I fell into a real bad habit of getting myself escorts once a week and I only say it was a bad habit because I was cheating on my wife.  I instantly fell in love with Jenna the first time I took her on a trip to Vegas.  She knew exactly how to treat me and show me that “girlfriend experience”.  So I started seeing her weekly and started paying for her bills, car bills and even rented her a condo near my house, so I would be able to see her whenever I pleased.  Everything was great for 6 months, I even thought about divorcing my wife and marrying her.  Then it all went down hill, my wife actually saw me out to dinner with Jenna and then went through all my bank statements and saw that I had spent over 130k on Jenna in 6 short months.  Long story short, my wife divorced me and since I had no prenup she took me for everything I was basically worth.  After that happened, I asked Jenna to marry me and she declined, saying I don’t have enough money anymore to keep her happy with the lifestyle she deserves.  I couldn’t believe it and what she did.  I was completely blinded by love… love for the wrong woman.  Just watch this video and you can see how good she is at what she does, I hope someone reads this and avoids getting their life ruined, like mine did.

You did it to yourself. This isn’t Jenna’s fault, this is your fault.- nik