THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am tired of Jordan Earls flaunting all of her trips to Miami every 2 weeks and all of her material things. She forgets that some people know her and know the truth behind where she gets the money for those trips and her Jordan’s, Luis Vuitton bags, Loubotin heels…and I can tell you right now that it’s not from being a retail manager and working 2 days a week at bebe. IT’S FROM SLEEPING WITH OLD MEN FOR MONEY!! Yup, you guessed it, she is an ESCORT!! I can’t believe she actually thinks people buy that she is a Sophmore in college and a retail “manager” and able to afford all of those things. Come on now Jordan, we are not dumb! I wonder how her boyfriend Micah would feel if he knew his girlfriend is sucking old greg on her trips for her money. Nik, put this nasty hoe on blast and expose the truth about her “luxurious” lifestyle!

I’m guessing that Jordan is the girl in yellow and I’m also guessing these old men don’t look at her feet very often. She must be a size 17 and an amazing swimmer.- nik