THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kat. She’s always raving in Pittsburgh PA but lives in Altoona PA. She will suck dick or give anal for a ride from her shitty little town out to a rave. She thinks raving is the COOLEST thing in the fucking world, doing drugs and waving LED lights around. The sad thing about it all is that she has KIDS, Nik.. kids. She leaves them at home every weekend to go and smoke Meth with all of her other ‘rave babies’. She likes to run around and take pictures with the DJs, then posts them on Facebook acting like she knows them. I swear she has a new boyfriend every week, using them for money, rides, dick, etc.. she lives with her childrens FATHER, yet doesn’t see a problem in bringing home her weekly boyfriend to stay the weekend. I guarantee all of the child support she sues each babys daddy goes to RAVE CLOTHES and not to her poor starving kids. I’m friends with her on Facebook and she NEVER talks about them, she just tries to promote her failing leg warmers she buys off eBay and then sells more expensively to mth babies. Nik, please expose this dirty little bitch. And when I say dirty, I MEAN dirty. The girls teeth are ROTTING, literally DECAYING out of her mouth. No wonder the bitch doesn’t smile in pictures. I feel so bad for what Pittsburghs rave scene has become. It’s girls like her that ruin it for the rest of us. Fcking slut.

It all went downhill once she started coloring her hair, embracing the rave scene.- nik