THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kayla Gustin.  A student at The University Of Kansas, also friends with one of your old dirty people Justin Williams from KU who got exposed for doing gay porn… these two are in the same peer group but she is much much worse. What? Well she is the definition of a bar sl*t for starters. She goes out 5 nights a week and goes home with a different guy at least 3 times a week. She lies about EVERYTHING. She had sex with well over 20 ppl and that’s just the people who have come forward about it. Not to mention she will tell you she has only been with 3 or 4 guys before that is until you go get checked for DRD’s and realize she has the gift that keeps giving. She comes off as the sweetest girl you will ever meet but let me and hundreds of others tell you she is a pathological liar and she has no feelings for anything she does and is a complete alcoholic. She will sleep with any frat guy, any bad boy or pretty much just anyone if you buy her a drink.

Kayla, you really need +2’s to even out your body.- nik