THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, KAYLALYNN KRUGER is a lying, stealing b*tch. She lost at a Swimsuit Pagent in Kelowna and then stole the winners prize money out of her purse. Talk about a sore LOSER! Was banned from the Vancouver competition because of it.  THEN, to top it off, a few weeks back the stupid c-word was working a promo and stole a staff members iphone. Since she is obsessed with herself (clearly) she took a photo of herself and uploaded it to facebook before realizing that it was still linked to the owners account. DUH! (The first pic!) The chick has some major drug issues, abandoned her kid, calls herself a model but now has been blacklisted from every agency in the city. If you see this b*tch, HIDE YOUR SH*T! Serious clepto looking for drug money cause she’s obviously not stealing it to feed the kid she doesn’t even take care of! You’ve been warned.

Wow, Kaylalynn Kruger is a mother? I wouldn’t let her kid/kids near a toy store.- nik