THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to know about these two,kayla came from a family of being inbred.Kaylas mother Kim had a baby with her father which is (Kayla) and when she was born she had 3 pinkie fingers. Now she thinks shes a big internet tough guy with her goofy mother. These two smoke crck together and abuse Kaylas Daughter which she slept with her brother to have her baby Melanie. Melanie is mentally disabled and can barly walk. This family disgusts me. They live in the dirty heights on kingston COMPTON STREET! They have three sums with kims father which is kaylas grampa. This may seen untrue but it very true! There house smells like kitty litter and puke. The childrens aid has been called plenty of times and they said if she dosnt clean up her child will be taken away forever. So i guess we will soon see that baby girl go ( thank god! ) Ill update you more next week hopefully.

Do they have any in house pet chickens?-  nik