THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Luis Maldonado is a loose bottom who lives on Adam4Adam. His profile name is Kr**3. He was cool at first, but after the first night I could tell that he was nothing but a liar and frankly a dirty slut. You see he took the dick on the first night and kissed me all in the mouth. I admit I fell for him and was trying to get to know him, but shortly after our encounter he tried to act like he was so busy and yet he was cruising the internet at all hours of the night! I know its immature to blast him online, but I can’t stand people who play games! Its cool though. He is not on my level anyway – and the fact of the matter is I have more games than Parker Brothers! Anyways, Luis is a member of Lamabda Upsilon Lamada. I wonder how many dicks he rode and sucked to get on the line!? Anyways, he is a dirty slut so watch out for Luis Maldonado from USC.

I feel sorry for his bunkmate.- nik