THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik The definition from Webster’s Dictionary describes you, Janet Sue Mapp, aka Janet Sue Bass, of 20 Rock Mill Ct., Senoia, Georgia “PERFECTLY”. You are nothing but A HOMEWRECKING WHORE and PROSTITUTE. Which by Webster’s Dictionary is a “promiscuous and unscrupulous immoral woman who engages in sexual acts for money”. That describes you Janet Sue Mapp, aka Janet Sue Bass of 2[removed], Georgia!! Even after you stop engaging in sex with them you still call every month for more money and play on their guilt making them promise that they will not desert you and let you lose your home. You play on their sympathy telling them that your husband ran off with another woman, which is a lie!! How many divorces have you caused besides our divorce and how many more divorces are you going to cause!! Have you no conscious?? What kind of sick person are you?? IF you were an honest woman you would get another job or get a part time job, just like everyone else does to be able to pay their bills. Instead you chose to be A HOMEWRECKING WHORE and PROSTITUTE! You are nothing but an unscrupulous, immoral, unethical, selfish, self-centered HOMEWRECKING WHORE and PROSTITUTE! IF you think that the married men you are chasing are “good”men you are wrong they are “WHOREMONGERS”, by Webster’s Dictionary the definition of them is a person who consorts with “WHORES”. They only consider you a WHORE and nothing more!! On Judgement Day God will judge you and may he give you as much mercy as you have given to the wives and family of those husbands and fathers you have committed adultery with and are taking money from under the guise of a helpless “Damsel in Distress”. You pretend to be their friend, who needs their financial help so that you don’t lose your home! Your children, grandchildren and friends will shun you and remember you as you truly are “an unscrupulous, immoral, unethical, selfish, self-centered HOMEWRECKING WHORE, TRAMP and PROSTITUTE! May Judgement Day come soon for you so that the pain and suffering you have caused others will stop.

Easy with the definitions Webster, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to the grammar police.- nik