THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this boy is completely mental! Heard he had a prior post on here recently.YUP!Hes been all over the internet taking advantage of woman for some years. I went out with him a few times to discover everything he said was a lie. Hes married and claims they are seperated but not true. He at any given moment is talking to a few girls and takes things from them. Found out the same after i ended things with him.Feeds you bullsh*t lines about wanting you in his life,and wanting to make a life with you.This BOY tells you what you want to hear and hes damn goodat being believable. I found out he paid for our date with some other girls money.and another girl too! The girl in the other post got an abortion cuz of him? Ya me too. He needs to be kicked out of the STL.He cheats and lies and uses people.I fell for his act too and now i found out he had two girlfriends in october when we were talking? what a fu**ing lil boy. Life is truly greener if you jump over the meadows! This boy needs psychological help!

Does his wife know that he tells people he is single?- nik