THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dudes mother is Serbian but his father who committed suicide in front of them was muslim, he was also beating his mother while she was pregnant and she gave birth on the road and her family didn’t want to know anything about her sad story, anyway this guy was jailer for couple of months bcs of drugs he got off the jail 1 month ago… He owns a gym and he lived in his gf apartment she won lottery couple of years ago and you asked is the girl Croatian the answer is NO. She is Serbian. All Serbian girls are skinny and from the most parts have blonde or green eyes.   Nik you asked details… He was beating her, but he didn’t touched the face (he didn’t want to mess her beauty ), he broke her ribs, he broke her fingers one by one, also she had cigarette marks so he was burning her with cigarettes, then he tattooed his birth date on her whole arm, he broke her legs and arms, police was shocked when they found the body… She was such a beauty and really good person no dirty past.

Let this be a lesson to pretty girls who like steroidal losers.- nik


Serbian Beauty Murdered By Her Jealous Boyfriend

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