THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of trash is a good example why I hate Jacksonville/ orange park area. Just another stupid bitch working at hooters lol I\’ve known this girl since high school and shes always thought that she was better than everyone and wouldn\’t even speak to most ppls stuck up bitch. She claims she\’s single but everytime I go out shes with a diff guy.NASTY!! Always playing little miss innocent but stay tryin to chill with someones bf. including mine. So desperate and all these douche bags fall for it. she only dates white guys (gross!!!) and I don\’t see why any guy with a brain would want her. She\”s pretty much the dumbest bitch in jax and that\’s really saying something. she tries to act all sweet and nice but its all fake!And Can you say attention whore?? always posting pics of herself on instagram constantly. Grow up you nasty dog faced bitch!!! I love this site. she needs to be on full blast!

Sounds like the average girl working at Hooters.- nik