THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Natalia Dommers and she grew up in South Carolina and went to University of Miami only to return 2 years later after living in Miami, France and Spain. I know this girl comes from old money but what does she do besides flaunt around in her amazing vacation homes. She rented the R.M Elegant in Cannes, France this summer and was not even with her family!!!! Also she dated a professional french rugby player, Charles Gimenez who also is a model. WTF!!!! Anyways I want to write this to see if there’s any dirt I can get more about this spoiled rich girl and Nik, do you think she’s as beautiful as everyone else thinks? I mean I’ll give her she’s the only rich hispanic woman in South Carolina and only rich non-southern girl. Do you think she’s hot?

She is kind of thick, especially in the hip area.- nik