THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Maryssa, Salpointe graduate and now at TCU. I’ve never come across anyone as thirsty as this girl. Its a surprise she hasn’t been posted on here yet. Maryssa will get with anyone and anything, she’s been passed around both the class of 2013 and ’12 multiple times. The funny thing is her mom is the college counselor at salpointe and acts like she owns the whole school. little does she know her little girl is blowing everyone she comes in contact with, with one look at her twitter mrs. ossosowski would die of embarrassment and shame. This girl is desperate. she has no true friends and when she shows up at a party all her friends begin to say how they wish she hadn\’t come. she tries so hard its actually sad. all in all this girl is just an ugly face looking for guys to bang.

I hope her mom goes on her twitter.- nik