THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Cut Straight to the chase. I adore your wife and I respect your biting honesty. I ran for Miss CA last year to raise awareness for a charity I worked with helping homeless youth. I’ve modeled and acted but no means think I am the sh*t. Just curious to whether I am worthy in your eyes of a post? I know you hate photoshop so I inlcluded self taken today unedited shots. Thanks! – Drea.

Drea, why are your inner thighs touching? Why have you not removed that tattoo? Why does your A-cup look forced? Why are your fingers so long? Why do you tilt your head forward to hide the length of your nose? Why do your hip bones define you? Why do you breathe through your belly button (blow hole)? I will stop with the questions for now… solid 4.2251668.- nik