THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, and Ladies, if you ever come into contact with Chris Deam – RUN. He is incapable of truth. He\’ll say whatever he has to in order to get into your pants. He does not and will not give a damn about you or anyone else. Quite possibly the most selfish person on the planet. Put in any real time with him, let him say he loves you and then you\’ll catch him f*cking a bitch you hate. Oh, and he\’ll tell people that you were just a random and he wants nothing to do with you less than 12 hrs after being with you. This is not one of those \”broken bad boys\” that all of us girls love to think we can fix, he\’s perma-f*cked. He is never going to change. Seriously – RUN.

The bathroom picture is a standard douchebag move.- nik