THE DIRTY ARMY: HI Nik! Long time reader…LOVE!! I want to let everyone in Los Angeles know NOT to do business with RC Levell, aka Randy Levell, aka RC Casellas. He has many alias and has stolen from people for years!! He claims to own a record label company and claims to eat lunch with Eminem and Jay-Z on the reg but it is all lies!! He has DRD and will tell girls anything to get them in bed!! HE IS A MASTER GYPSY, steals money from young innocent girls and will scam you out of everything!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN and RUN WITH YOUR HAIR ON FIRE!!! BEST CON-ARTIST hands down in LA. He claims to be brothers with Milo Levell, choreography to the stars and long-time friend of the late Michael Jackson. ALL LIES!!

Ask to see some pictures.  A guy like this would surely snap some pictures.- nik