THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you remember those cliché, egotistical, douchebag scene kids from Myspace back in ’08? Well this fg right here is the king of them. And I just wanted to say that I am f*cking ASTONISHED that he hasn’t been on here yet. This is Tyler. Girls stay the f*ck away from him! He thinks he’s the f*cking sh*t because he’s “internet famous” and has hordes of 12 year old scene girls on his d*ck. He has the biggest ego in the world. He thinks he’s better than EVERYONE and all he ever does is talk sh*t about other people. Even though he has no room to talk down on ANYONE. He calls everyone a tweaker, even though HE’S the one that’s a druggy, he’ll snort ANYTHING up that giant anteater snout he calls a nose. And that’s not even all of it! He straight up uses ALL of his  “friends”. Whether it be making them buy him a ticket for a show, or buying him fast food at the mall. He’s just a fcking mooch. & if he’s not using one of his friends for money, he’s hiding behind them for protection from someone that he mouthed off to. And he claims he can handle himself” in a fight, even though the ONLY time he ever acts tough, is when he’s surrounded by other people.Seems legit. Oh, and wanna hear the best part about him? He cheats on EVERY girl who’s dumb enough to give him a chance. He got shitfaced and cheated on his last girlfriend, with her BEST FRIEND. And he still tries to claim that it’s everyone elses fault he can’t find a girl. Really dude? LOLOL. Also, did you notice that ALL of his pictures were photoshopped up the ass? It’s because he’s had like 30 different facial piercings and now his face is COVERED in scars. It’s f*cking nasty. LOL. Please, do your magic, put this dude on blast and get the word out there so he doesn’t f*ck anyone else over.

The only thing he can handle is photoshop.  I decided.- nik