THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I must warn the men of Denver about this nasty scab, Shannon. She really puts the Dirt in Dirty. She has slept with the majority of men who have crossed her path, so if you are a local dirtbag you may have already had sex with her – get yourself checked. In addition to slutting it up, her hobbies also include domestic violence when the drunken sad skankfest she calls a life gets out of control and she starts hitting and biting. She’s as uneducated and ignorant as she is unpleasant, and I have it on good authority that her vag smells of rotten corpse. Shannon has a twin sister lurking around the Denver area. Stay away from both, they are both the evil twin!

Does she actually have a twin or just say that to get away with things.  You’d be surprised how many people try and pull that scam.- nik