THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This bich right here… this SHIT right here… Leggo, Okay SO this bitch is graduating from Ole Miss with a Pharmacy degree; which I happen to find COMPLETELY ironic since that’s her DOC (well that and crack and or heroin & mth- it might be a tie as to importance!) She had a baby with this really great guy, who had NO clue she was pawning all of his shit, and using his money for crack, coke, meth, heroin, loratabs, etc. Anything honestly… Initially she was good at hiding it, but now it’s just obvious. So he sent her to rehab (for the sake of their kid) and she ended up leaving rehab with THIS GUY and now their getting MARRRRIEEEDD. Hahahah. I’m sorry, this girl has got to take a tumbling step off of her pedestal, and realize the rock isn’t any bigger on the other side!

She’s got beer pits.- nik