THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! You wanted more intel on your swedish baby Natasha Peyre. Well.. Natasha has turkish heritage and has had several nosejobs and boob-jobs. She used to have bigger boobs but had them remade and went for a smaller size. She’s been a celebrity in Sweden for about a decade, became known for being in a love triangle on Paradise Hotel. Since then she’s been modeling, and roumored to be a escort (a.k.a a port-a-potty) and a pornstar, both of which she firmly denies. Nowdays she makes her living by blogging, having her own online-shop and some modeling – which really doesn’t add up with the supposed costs of her lifestyle. Suggestions on DC-names: Baby-gap, Hansen-trap, Predatorpray, Sweetish, Bearswede.

I want a better Dirty Celebrity name, not feeling those. She kind of looks like E.T.- nik

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